Mt. Lemmon Day Trip

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When thinking about Tucson, what comes to mind? Does a mountain range with a peak over 9000 feet? How about pine trees or multiple ecosystems? Join us on an educational trip from the base of Mt. Lemmon to the Lemmon Rock Lookout. Along the way we’ll make stops to learn about the vegetation and enjoy breathtaking views. We’ll stop to have lunch in Summerhaven. After lunch, get ready for a lift ride for some more great views. On the way back down the mountain, we’ll make a stop at the Palisades Visitor Center. This will be your opportunity to purchase snacks made from prickly pear cactus and learn some more facts about the area.

The trip will include transportation up and down Mt. Lemmon, educational stops around the mountain, lunch, and a lift ride to other views of the mountain.

Cost $89 per person.

We’ll meet at the Madera Village Shopping Center at 9am.

Each trip has 10 spots and will last about 6 hours.

We look forward to showing you another side of the desert.

2020/2021 Dates

September 4, 2020
October 2, 2020
November 21 & 27, 2020
December 19, 2020
January 18 & 29, 2021
February 5 & 27, 2021
March 6 & 15, 2021
April 2, 2021
June 4, 2021