Arizona Trail Hike

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The Arizona trail is an 800+ mile route that is physically demanding and well worth the scenic views. The trail goes from the Arizona/Utah border to the Arizona/Mexico border and along the route you will encounter deserts, mountain ranges, canyons, rivers, waterfalls, and various ecosystems. Many people don’t have the 30-60 days available or the resources to do the whole trail at once. We’ve created a plan that lasts 2 weeks and allows you to spend time hiking in nature. We divided the trail into 8 sections. Each section will help you knock off 95-108 miles. You can choose how you want to hike the Arizona Trail. All you have to do is get your hiking legs ready and enjoy nature, and what the trail has to offer. Come join us by tackling portions of this wonderful trail. This adventure will be offered between September and May.

This trip will include pick up and drop off from the airport, providing you with food, water, snacks, and adventure. After hiking and camping for 11 days, we will take you to a wonderful hotel for a great shower, massage, dinner, and a comfortable bed to help you recharge before you go home and back to the everyday grind of life.

Cost $2500 per person.

Gear can be rented for $100 along with a $100 refundable deposit.

We’ll meet at the Tucson Airport and the Phoenix Airport. Pickup times will be based on passages.

Each trip has 6 spots and will last 12 days.

2020/2021 Season Dates

  • September 19-30, 2020 (Passages 6-1)
  • October 10-21, 2020 (Passages 7-12)
  • November 7-18, 2020 (Passages 13-17)
  • December 5-16, 2020 (Passages 18-22)
  • January 2021 (No AZT Hike)
  • February 13-24, 2021 (Passages 23-28)
  • March 20-31, 2021 (Passages 29-32)
  • April 17-28, 2021 (Passages 34-37)
  • May 15-26, 2021 (Passages 38-43)